3 Awesome Bible Courses and 3 extra Bible Study Resources

To help you to explore the wealth of knowledge found in your Bible!


15 Lesson Home Bible Study Course

LESSONS … in PDF format

1. Understanding Repentance
2. Understanding Faith
3. Understanding Baptism
4. Understanding The Laying-On Of Hands
5. Understanding Resurrection
6. Understanding Eternal Judgment
7. Understanding Perfection
8. Understanding The Sabbath
9. Understanding Passover
10. Understanding The Feast of Unleavened Bread
11. Understanding The Day Of Pentecost
12. Understanding The Feast of Trumpets
13. Understanding Atonement
14. Understanding the Feast of Tabernacles
15. Understanding The Last Great Day
** Bonus 16th Lesson!**  16. Understanding the Holy Spirit
** Bonus 17th Lesson!**  17. Sanctified and Unsanctified Feasts
** Bonus 18th Lesson!**  18. Pagan Trinity


Here are 3 more files to assist in your study of the 15 Lesson CGI Bible course:
Just Tests – is a PDF file of the 15 Quizzes provided in the course … (in case you want to try a pre-test or post-test of your lesson knowledge).
Just Scripture References – is a list of the “nearly 900” scripture references listed in the 15 lessons. The course promotes “Scriptures to Read, Remember, and Recite” here they are conveniently compiled for you!
Just Bible Texts – Is the Scripture text from the Bible that the course asks you to lookup — This is a handy tool when reviewing the course material.


Original 10 Lesson CGI Bible Course

 …. Well … First isn’t ALWAYS best … but many people love the original CGI Bible Course because it covers some different territory, AND, the Audio review of each lesson is personal and instructive – like having your own personal Bible coach.

0. Course Description
1. Why Study the Bible? ———————————— Lesson Review MP3 Audio

2. Knowing God: Supreme Being, or Trinity? ——————— Review MP3 Audio
3. Knowing God: The Mystery of the Gods ———————— Review MP3 Audio
4. Knowing God: Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit ————–   Review MP3 Audio
5. The Law and the Christian: The Ten Commandments ——  Review MP3 Audio
6. The Law and the Christian: Are All OT Laws Relevant? —– Review MP3 Audio
7. The Law and the Christian: Jesus and the Law ————–   Review MP3 Audio
8. The Law and the Christian:The Apostle Paul
9. The Law and the Christian:”Under the Law”?
10. God’s Holy Days



SKY (Sabbath Keeping Youth) Bible Correspondence Course

SKY Correspondence Course – Recommended for teens ages 13-19. The 1999 series theme is “The Standard of Christ.” It includes a Bible study, memory verse and quiz.

1. Jesus’ Ministry Begins (Mark 1:14-28)
2. Jesus Encounters Hostility (Mark 2:13-17;2:23-28;3:1-6)
3. Jesus Calms the Storm (Mark 4:35-41)
4. Jesus Teaches His Disciples (Mark 8:27-38)
5. Jesus Teaches Service (Mark 10:32-45)
6. Be a Doer of the Word (James 1:1-6; 19-27)
7. Faith Expressed by Works (James 2:1-7; 14-24)
8. Watch What You Say (James 3:1-10; 13-18)
9. Our Responsibility to God (James 4:1-10; 13-17)
10. Show Patience Before God (James 5:7-18)
11. Christian Conduct in the World (1 Peter 1:13-21)
12. We Are Partners With Christ (1 Peter 3:8-22)


  • Course notes from Ambassador College Bible Classes

Click here for several sets of course notes from Ambassador College Bible Classes!




Click here for live Tuesday evening presentation (6:30 Central time)

Bill Watson has been conducting a Bible Study Series on
the Book of Romans in the Medina Church …
You can click here to see the latest offerings on their website, or
For an upgraded version of these audio files (smaller, better labelled,
faster downloading),  here they are!

CGI-BillWatson-Romans-00-Intro.mp3         CGI-BillWatson-Romans-01-Ch01.mp3
CGI-BillWatson-Romans-02-Ch02.mp3       CGI-BillWatson-Romans-03-Ch03.mp3
CGI-BillWatson-Romans-04-Ch04.mp3       CGI-BillWatson-Romans-05-Ch05.mp3
CGI-BillWatson-Romans-06-Ch06.mp3       CGI-BillWatson-Romans-07-Ch07.mp3
CGI-BillWatson-Romans-08-Ch08a.mp3       CGI-BillWatson-Romans-09-Ch08b.mp3
CGI-BillWatson-Romans-10-Ch08c&Ch09.mp3     CGI-BillWatson-Romans-11-Ch10.mp3
CGI-BillWatson-Romans-12-Ch11.mp3         CGI-BillWatson-Romans-13-Ch12a.mp3
CGI-BillWatson-Romans-14-Ch12b.mp3       CGI-BillWatson-Romans-15-Ch13a.mp3
CGI-BillWatson-Romans-16-Ch13b.mp3     CGI-BillWatson-Romans-17-Ch14.mp3
CGI-BillWatson-Romans-18-Ch15a.mp3   CGI-BillWatson-Romans-19-Ch15b.mp3




  • Wednesday Night Bible Study with Adrian Davis 

Click here for information on how you can tune in every Wednesday
to be guided in a verse-by-verse Bible study AND benefit from the archive
of studies already completed!
Including the books of Philippians, Acts, and Luke.



Materials for Bible studies:

** Click here for Flash cards & quiz on these 386 Verses! **
.                .https://quizlet.com/_3hhkon
.                    . These are great for Topical Bible studies or Chain referencing!

Archive of Infuse Scripture lists



Free MP3 Audio Bibles   (Copyright Information)  

Rom_10:17  So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.
       (There is something special about hearing scripture being read!)  Why??

They say “We Learn …
10% of what we read
20% of what we hear
30% of what we see
50% of what we see and hear
70% of what we discuss
80% of what we experience
95% of what we teach others.”

A big “tip of the Hat” to thank the organizations that have worked to provide free Audio Bibles via the Internet … The versions listed here have a couple “slight improvements” as they have better file-naming, and being recorded at 32K bps is great for spoken words to keep the file size reduced (of a giant Bible) to be around 1 gigabyte for each Bible… (so be patient during the download! )

*Note: Each “zip” file contains around 1189 files (as the Bible has this many chapters).
If you are unclear, you can Google “how to unzip files” for instructions.


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