I saw a recent posting on one Facebook feedback page that could not escape my attention because there was a lot of wisdom in what the writer was saying.

The writer asked as a simple question and I merely want to give him/her credit for making such a profound comment. The writer said, in my own words, isn’t it amazing how the one commandment of the ten with a REMINDER attached to it, is the one billions of people readily forget. According to the author of the comment, it’s as if God knew they would forget it, so he specifically placed a reminder on it. The fourth command says, “Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy,” (my emphasis).

If we can take away something from that reminder is the importance that God places on this commandment that He reminded us in handing down His instructions. Who could argue against that except those who are hostile to it and invent every conceivable excuse in the book not to keep the Sabbath?

God knew Israel would forget the Sabbath; likewise, he knew the world would, too, in the years to come. Is it any wonder, God tells us in His word in Isa 66:22, “ For as the new heavens and the new earth, which I will make, shall remain before me, saith the Lord, so shall your seed and your name remain.  And it shall come to pass, that from one new moon to another, and from one sabbath to another, shall all flesh come to worship before me, saith the Lord.”

This sanctified and significant day of the week dating back to creation has been denigrated, degraded, and demoted to one of insignificance to the plan of God for all humanity. The most prominent of our theologians, bishops, priests, pastors, and preachers have done their best to confuse, discourage, and deceive people to believe God’s Holy day has been done away with, replaced by Sunday, or was not created for worship. They have written thousands of words, analysed thousands of articles, and preached hours of sermons trying to convince adherents that the Sabbath must not be kept. From the so-called early church fathers to the current crop of modern day thinkers and practitioners, they have made their contribution.

Some of these anti-Sabbatarians know it’s God’s true day of worship, yet they continue in the most astute way to keep their membership intact for fear they could lose some of them to start keeping the Sabbath. They will brand you a cult for following God’s weekly and annual Sabbaths. Who are the true cultists here? The one who follows what God deems holy or the one that follows what man claims as holy?  If one were to err on the side of caution, which day would you choose to worship on?  The God-ordained day (the Sabbath), which was made for man, or Sunday, that has no scriptural authority or was kept by the early church as they claim, and even if that were the case, on whose authority was Sunday instituted as the new day of worship. No one single apostle or disciple kept Sunday. They were all Sabbath keepers and that can be proven as the primitive church was Hebraic in nature.

We should worship God every day, they argue, and that is true. The early church, which I prefer to call the primitive church of the first century, worshipped God every day. There’s ample evidence in the book of Acts the followers of the Way (first century followers of Christ) worshipped every day. But guess what? They never lost sight of the sanctity of the Sabbath and for them it was a special day dedicated to God for worship, as it was intended originally. There’s an abundance of evidence in the Bible and from extra-biblical sources the primitive church kept Saturday, not Sunday.

It is rather sad, as the writer pointed out, the very day God wants to remind us about is the very day most people forget, or choose to forget. Certainly, it is not the most convenient of day of the week because it’s the most commercialized day. However, that does not make it right to corrupt God’s holy day or change it to another one because it’s not convenient for worship. What God makes holy, man cannot change it, no matter what argument they want to invent, and make it sound plausible. One day, the truth will be made known, a day when “the law shall go forth out of Zion,” and “the knowledge of God will be as the waters cover the sea.” Whether they want to keep the Sabbath now or not, it is up to them, but remember this, a day is coming when ALL NATIONS will come to worship YAHWEH from one Sabbath to the next. Remember this! For more on this subject download FREE our booklet UNDERSTANDING THE SABBATH.


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