Whether some of us have itching ears or selective vision against anything pertaining to the God of the Holy Bible or not , the day approaches when such attitudes will change. Such a day is upon is and only time will prove it. 

Nowadays, people don’t have time, or take time to read the Word of God. In their spare time, they are more preoccupied with the latest fashion trends, the latest phone gadgets or the newest movie release and their accompanying celebrities. The pleasures of this world take precedence over the Divine. Yet in their time of calamity, their first move would be seeking God’s intervention in their affairs. When everything is going fine, there is no need for God but when things go awry, they call on God.

The prevailing attitude towards God is He exists only when we need Him. We make no effort to seek Him when He can be found, but would rather seek him when it appears we need help in some way or the other. We want a God of convenience.

Furthermore, when we do need Him, we want to create a God in our image.  A God who thinks like us; One who turns a blind eye to transgressing His laws, and a God who is there only when we need Him. Outside of those parameters, we cannot submit our lives to a God who stands by certain principles as the Creator of the Universe, the Only True and Living God, and the ONLY Saviour of humanity.

The more intellectually inclined doesn’t need God for sure. They are so “enlightened” and “educated” that there is no such room for the Divine. If you fall into that category, the expectation among peers and colleagues is you cannot believe in a God. “Not many noble men are called,” but when God does call the tendency is to reject Him. Nevertheless, what a mercy God we serve – YAHWEH!

Christianity in general teaches a God who’s trying to save the entire world. In other words, Jesus Christ and Satan are in a battle to gain souls. If about two-billion people claim to be nominal Christians, and not all are true Christians, what happens to the other five-billion non-Christians? Are they under the clutches of Satan or “burning in hell,” as some church readily teach? If that is the case, Jesus Christ would be losing the battle for souls. Is that what God is all about? To give victory to Satan the Devil?

No, not at all? Jesus Christ is going to be the winner. He’s going to get the victory. The attitudes of people towards God and the Bible are the expectations from a biblical perspective. How so? The truth is God is not trying to save the world right now. God has a plan for humanity, revealed through His annual festivals of Lev . 23, which show how the majority of humanity will be redeemed. Certainly, some people will end up in the lake of fire that burns with brimstone because they refuse to repent, however, God is not calling everyone at this time. This is the reason many people have such a “bad” attitude towards God. There’s a vail of deception over their eyes that will be lifted at some point when God decides to call. Rev. 12:5 tells us Satan has deceived the whole world and this is exactly what is happening today.

God is not losing the battle. He has His plan where every human being ever born will have his or her opportunity to accept or reject God. Some have already been called, others haven’t as yet. Let’s allow God to carry out His plan of redemption. Let God be God. For more on this subject, download FREE our booklet What does the Bible say about Predestination and Election?


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