I often wonder what will it take to wake up every nation on this planet to the realization that the end of human history, as we know it, is drawing to a close.

It seems no event, be a pandemic, natural disasters that set new precedence, global warming/climate change, the threat of nuclear war, nations at each other’s throats, horrible actions on humans against humans, a general decline in morality and lawlessness, civil strife, moral relativism, the new normal, postmodernism, and what have you, makes a difference. People are generally not concerned and are going about doing their normal business, having fun, living amidst the hopelessness that prevails, but still carrying at the back of their heads, a notion that perhaps one day things will get better for the human race.

We hear the bad news every day from our major networks, the newspapers, the electronic media, social media, and even by word of mouth; we have become so accustomed to hearing the bad that when the good happens, we either ignore it or don’t believe it.

Many people have become so preoccupied with making a living or just having a good time for that matter, our planet is waxing older and older into age, our own bodies are bearing the brunt of the passing years, with some dying and some holding on till the breath gives way. In all this, the quest to find the answers for true happiness, the purpose of life, and why we are here on this planet, remain an elusive dream for many.

What is the destiny of the human race? Will we, as a species, continue to live and die all the time with no end in sight to this daily cycle of life? Will the sun rise every morning to burst its powerful rays on us to give us light and energy? Will the moon continue its lunar presence to mark the months and the seasons? Will the rains continue to nurture the plants to provide food for our survival? Will the oxygen we use continue to be breathed without poisoning us? Is there any end in sight for all these provisions that sustain us as a people?

There are some harsh realities facing the human race. Realities that people from across the globe don’t appear too concerned about. We live as if we have an entitlement to these necessities. Where did they come from in the first place? By a big bang, as some will have you to believe? Happenstance? Coincidence?

The realities of what is going on around us at this time when our society is in a grip of fear for the Coronavirus that has been taking lives, should cause us to pause and reflect on some of these questions being raised. However, we live in a world that seems to suffer from amnesia. Once this virus disappears, and I believe it will, people are back to their daily routine…until another event happens to get our attention, albeit for a short time.

One thing for sure that the Christian, whose mind is no longer carnal, enmity against God, knows the realities of our day is leading up to something so big, it is out of our realm of understanding because of our finiteness.  The reality is today’s events are leading up to more cataclysmic events that are bound to catch the attention of every single person alive at that time. The Holy Bible has all the warnings and some of what is occurring today has already been prophesied to happen. Christians expect these events to happen. Do you? For more on this subject, download FREE our booklet, EVIDENCE OF THE END TIMES.


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