The gift of sight is marvelous and incomparable. It’s a gift that the great Creator implanted into the human body to allow it to function the way it does from the moment He breathed the breath of life into Adam and he became a living soul (Gen. 2:7).

Sight enables us to see God’s beautiful creation – from the animate to the inanimate. We can stare into the heavens in awe and observe the wonder of the celestial bodies. We can also make a 360-degree turn and notice the beauty of his handiwork in a sunrise or sunset, in trees, mountains, valleys, lakes, seas, and living creatures. To have sight is an often overlooked sense that seems to outweigh all the other four. We take it for granted.

There is another kind of sight though that can allow us to see but not see the real object or image. It can be compared with some people who will see an object, but not too clearly, and need eyeglasses or contact lens to correct that vision. They have eyes, yet they do not see.

The world is current facing the coronavirus pandemic. There’s fear among many while others don’t seem to care. They are still engaged in their own selfish pursuits and don’t care if the world is falling down on them, as long as they get their heart’s desire.  They have the gift of sight but they are not seeing the bigger picture. Perhaps it is not even meant for them to see that picture – at least, not just now.

The coronavirus does not mean the end of the world. Far from it! We know Jesus Christ will not return until certain prophecies have been fulfilled. The coronavirus scare is not the fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse, in Rev. 6, who will bring pestilences that will kill a quarter of the Earth’s population.

However, one observance coming out of this scare is the manner which many are bashing Christians for their belief in the Bible and what it tells us will happen in the future. Christians are still being seen as nut cases, believing in a  book, the Bible, that is laden with fairy tales or just a history book.

One would think that coronavirus would cause some kind of awakening among many who can’t see the logic of an all-merciful and all-loving God who can stand by and watch people suffer through natural disasters, pestilences like coronavirus, poverty, crime, war etc. Humans have a tendency to want to equate themselves with the Almighty, not knowing His thoughts are not our thoughts. He’s God – the one who made us; we did not create ourselves.  He does not think or reason like us because we are mere mortals; He’s immortal!

The Bible says, “the fool says in his heart there is no God,” Psalm 14:1. Rebellious Israel had eyes that could not see the things of God because they had drifted so far from YAHWEH. It is no better today. People have drifted so far from God; so far that even when He’s present in His creation and in the lives of people, they cannot see. They cannot see Him for who he is – the only True and Living God!

The coronavirus is showing us that a time will come when even when the world is falling down it will mean nothing to some people. They will not believe it is the returning Christ because they don’t believe in Him. It is no wonder when Christ is returning, there will be some who will want to fight against Him or believe it is some space invasion. Wake up, if you are asleep, discern the times in which we are living, and don’t possess eyes that can see, but are not seeing the reality of human civilization coming to an end. You cannot claim you have not been warned! For more on this subject, download FREE our booklet, DOES GOD LOVE THE WORLD ENOUGH TO SAVE IT?

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