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Featured Messages 1978-2017


Over the years at CGI, Audio tapes were prepared weekly for the “National Tape Program”.  Additionally, special tapes were created to support topics for the Armor of God program.  Eventually, Tapes were replaced by CDs and DVDs, but it is still awesome to hear some of the pioneer ministers speaking on a wide variety of subjects!

Sermons Sorted by Year
Sermons Ben Chapman
Sermons Bill Watson
Sermons Bronson James
Sermons Charles Groce
Sermons Vance Stinson
Sermons Wayne Hendrix

Sermons Mike James
Sermons Tony Buchert
Sermons Ron Elkins
Sermons Ed Szalankiewicz
Sermons Ian Boyne
Sermons George Ramocan
Sermons Horane Smith
Sermons Murray Palmatier
Sermons Adrian Davis
Sermons Rick Dubler
Sermons Ken Allen

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