Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?

November 2015

“Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?

Without a doubt, the greatest marvel in human history is the coming of God in the flesh, fulfilled in the birth of Jesus Christ. Without the birth of Christ, there would’ve been no crucifixion, no resurrection and no second coming of Christ and no example to follow. Christianity would indeed be meaningless.

Yet, alas, the birth of Christ as celebrated today by an old pagan festival renamed “Christmas” in the mid centuries is far from what God intended. Few are aware that there was a time when both Catholics and Protestants warned their followers against observing Christmas. So what has changed?

How did Christians come to observe Christmas? Was Christmas observed by the apostles and the primitive church? If not, what did they observe? And more importantly, does the Bible provide a festival to celebrate the birth of Christ? These are very pertinent questions that deserve biblical answers.

http:// www.thebirthofchrist.ca/  (… Link No Longer Active)


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