SKY Vision and Mission

Thank you for your interest in our youth program called SKY Connection. In 1998 the Church of God, International introduced a new program designed to help our youth become more involved–first, through their prayers to God and the study of His Word; second, through more active participation in church; third, through their closeness to their family; and fourth, through their communication with other Sabbath-keeping youth. The program was named SKY Connection to emphasize all the goals: being Sabbath-Keeping Youth and being connected. It encompasses all of the youth activities and services and encourages all participants to become connected to God, their church, their families, their friends and other Sabbath-keeping youth.

Teaching your child is an ongoing assignment. A parent must never forget, the sense of values your child leaves home with depends largely on how you teach him God’s word today. The goal of these resources is to help parents and Sabbath school teachers to begin the incredible adventure of teaching children about God. It is with great pleasure that we invite you to teach your children the Word of God through the following Bible Stories, games, projects and activities.

Youth Services and Education

Director: Noni McVey

Our Vision: Our vision for our children’s ministry in the Church of God, International is…

To create and perpetuate a vision in the generation to come to continue in the faith.

To help children appreciate their innocence exemplified through perpetual humility.

To perpetrate in all believers that a child’s trust is absolute. Just as we trust God, a child trusts his father. We must minister to them in word, deed and prayer.

Our children’s ministry is all about loving and cherishing all children enough to teach them the true Word of God selflessly.

Mission Statement: It is our mission to show the world the love of Jesus Christ through the care of our children. We accomplish this by teaching and helping parents assume their rightful role as the spiritual leader of their children.

Volunteer Opportunities: We are always looking for volunteers to help us with our youth program. We are looking for artists, writers, teachers and people who enjoy making games and puzzles. If you are interested in giving of your time to our children, email [email protected].

Online Resources

SKY Newsletter
A family newsletter created for both parents and children. Comes out monthly and is filled with articles, a Bible story and activities.

Guidance on Teaching Sabbath School
Articles about discipline, story telling and welcome games.

SKY Story Time
Recommended for children ages 3-7. It is a quarterly series. Each lesson has a parent or teacher’s Bible study, a children’s story and an activity page that corresponds with the lesson being taught.

Sabbath School Curriculum
Recommended for children 8-12. It is a quarterly series. Includes memory verses, teacher’s Bible study, Bible story and activities.

SKY Correspondence Course
Recommended for teens ages 13-19. The 1999 series theme is “The Standard of Christ.” It includes a Bible study, memory verse and quiz.

Lessons from the Feast of Tabernacles
These are lessons that were taught at the Feast of Tabernacles. The lessons include the Armor of God, Fruit of the Spirit and other Bible Stories.

Christian Principles for Parents
Request to receive the booklet “Christian Principles for Parents” and the tapes “Parenting, Part 1” and “Parenting, Part 2.”

Family Articles
Articles to encourage and help parents teach their children the Word of God

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