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  • 7 Principles of Biblical Leadership by Loren M. Chamberlain

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  • The True History in the Holy Scriptures by Benjamin R. Chapman


To make a study of ancient history, especially to specialize on the ages-old history of the beginning of the world as contained in the Bible, it is appropriate to begin at the beginning … Creation.

Chapter 2 – THE PRE-NOACHIAN FLOOD WORLD – Creation and the Garden of Eden
This chapter begins with the wonderful stories of Creation and the Garden of Creation Eden but ends with the greatest calamity ever to befall mankind, the worldwide Flood of Noah. As we shall see, the first 1,656 years of man were at times happy but at other times quite sad. The first seven Chapters of Genesis have many
revealing truths to relate.

Chapter 3 – THE POST-FLOOD WORLD – The Tower of Babel
The Flood was a devastating blow to all mankind. Only righteous Noah, his wife, his three sons and their wives lived through this catastrophe. Satan had been able to deceive all this earth’s human inhabitants with his wiles and false teachings. The world had gotten so ugly and sinful that God was grieved in His heart to see His children so miserably unhappy. He would start over with Noah’s family! But God gives man free moral agency to obey Him or not, and it was not too many years before Satan and his henchmen would be busy again with their cunning arts.

Chapter 4 – THE FATHER OF THE FAITHFUL – Understanding the life of the Patriarch Abraham
The Holy Scriptures are filled with incredible, almost hard-to-believe, stories of human endeavor in this world. These episodes have been included in the Bible hopefully to motivate us, always to inspire us, often to titillate us, ever intrigue us, answer many questions, and to show us the way God wants us to enjoy our way through life, and ultimately to become prepared for the awesome rewards He wants us to have in His Kingdom. Prophecies are of major importance as they reveal the nature and plan of God, either through past-fulfillment or in the days and years just ahead, through awesome, incredible events that will take our breaths away!

Chapter 5 – ABRAHAM’S SON IN HIS OLD AGE – ISAAC The Grievous Life of Isaac and Rebekah
Truly, The Father of the Faithful had a most trying life. But by now God considered him a prophet (Gen 20:7, see the previous chapter of this History). But his most severe test was yet to come! How? Through the birth of the long awaited son Isaac. Yes, an incredible miracle was about to occur in Abraham and Sarah’s life! A child was to be born to Sarah when she was at the incredible old age of 90! The promised line of God’s servants was to continue. God’s Government was to be returned to this Earth! Our God has the awesome power to accomplish anything!

The importance of understanding the life of the Patriarch Jacob One of the most important and intriguing truths found in your Bible is that all we find in the scriptures is the real truth, but often God doesn’t make the truth so easy to find! Sometimes we must put on a “detective’s hat” and play the role of “Sherlock Homes” to solve a mystery in certain aspects of understanding, especially on our studies into ancient history and chronological facts. Of course, the real answer is the power of the Holy Spirit that reveals these solutions!


  • A Harmony of the Gospels by Benjamin R. Chapman

The Christian world has long been fired with the ambition to take the Gospel to every inhabited corner of the earth. This zeal has inspired a countless number of men to devote much of their entire lives serving as missionaries, ministers and teachers. Many theologians have devoted years to produce Bible helps for their fellow man. Witness the fantastic man-hours required to assemble the concordances, and the life-long studies to write complete commentaries on the scriptures. Then there are Bible handbooks, lexicons, Biblical encyclopedias plus hundreds and hundreds of Bible translations!

Following up on our three premises, let us examine the most important concept introduced by Luke in his introduction. Remember, its basically his order we will be following throughout this Harmony. Why would he be so emphatic unless he was faced with numerous accounts of the life of Christ and wanted to give us 21st century Christians an accurate basis for our understanding of the life of our Savior Jesus Christ. After all, our salvation is based on knowing Christ and what He tried to teach us! His overall goal is to lead many to salvation. We must start with the Truth and not be confused with false teachings.

Chapter 3 – The Annunciations of John and Jesus and the childhood of John
Having now introduced Himself by revealing the startling truth that He has always been very God, and proves His human family by genealogical records, Jesus next tells of the annunciations about Himself and His kinfolk John (the Baptist), son of Zacharias and Elisabeth, who had the awesome but unthankworthy task of introducing the Christ to the Jewish populace. Johns active ministry when he reached the age of thirty was a short one, lasting only about one year, and ending in a horrible martyrdom. It is said by Jesus that among men, there is none born greater than John. A very interesting and tragic life about this man can be re-told by the Christian!

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