May 13, 2017 - What happens when you die? Are you sure?

A CGICanada Evangelism Outreach Event

What Happens When you Die? Are You Sure?

by Adrian Davis | CgiOttawa

What happens when you die? This is an age-old question that begs for an answer. There are so many assertions and theories about what actually happens when you die. Are they really true? Where should we go to find the truth about death?

The subject of Christ’s death has been debated for centuries. Many argue He never rose from the dead. Did Christ actually rise from the dead to become the “firstfruits” of those who are asleep in Christ? You need to prove it from the pages of the Bible because if there is no resurrection Christianity is dead!

We would like to tell you about a series of exciting local presentations the Church of God International, Canada, is having in Ontario, this month, to answer this most significant question: When happens when you die? Are you sure?

We are extending an invitation to you to attend this presentation at one of the following congregations on Saturday May 13, 2017:

Kitchener: Scholar’s Hall, 888 Trillium Drive   – 11 A.M. Speaker Rick Dubler

Burlington: Best Western Plus, 2412 Queensway Drive  at 1:00 P.M.   Speaker Murray Palmatier

Toronto: Trinity Presb. Church 2737, Bayview Avenue – 1:30 P.M. Speaker Bill Watson

London: Forest City Kiwanis Seniors Centre, 78 Riverside Drive – 1:30 P.M. Speaker Wayne Hendrix

Ottawa: 2130 Radford Court, Gloucester   –  2:00 P.M. Speaker Adrian Davis

Download our FREE booklets:

  • The Resurrection – Real Event or Historical Hoax?   Pdf  or epub
  • Seven Declarations of Jesus and Evidence of His Resurrection   Pdf or epub

For a paper copy of the booklet, you can send your request (along with your name and address) to: [email protected] or
CgiCanada, PO Box 32009 – RPO Northland, London, Ontario N5V 5K4


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