What is the Purpose of Life?

August 2015

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What is God’s Purpose for Purpose for Human Life?

presented by the Church of God International Canada

CGI London
August 8-1:00 PM
Forest City Kiwanis Senior Community Centre
78 Riverside Drive
Presenter: Pastor George Ramocan

CGI Burlington
August 15-1:00 PM
Best Western Hotel
2412 Queensway Dr, Burlington, Ontario
Presenter: Pastor George Ramocan

CGI Ottawa
August 15-2:00 PM
Beacon Hill North Community Centre
2130 Radford Crt
Presenter: Pastor Adrian Davis

CGI Kitchener
August 29-11:00 AM
Scholars Hall (upstairs room)
888 Trillium Dr, Kitchener, Ontario
Presenter: Pastor George Ramocan

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