Why hasn't the Rapture happened yet?

Is it a biblical or unbiblical teaching?

First Presentation: “Why the Rapture hasn’t happened yet” by Pastor Adrian Davis

Second Presentation: “Where is your place of safety?” by Pastor Bill Watson

Event Summary

An attentive audience listened to Pastors Bill Watson and Adrian Davis in Toronto, Canada, on Saturday, as they answered the questions: Why hasn’t the Rapture happened yet? Where is your place of safety?

The answer: the scriptures don’t support a secret rapture – it’s a teaching that does not and cannot fit into what the Holy Bible teaches about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. YOUR safety is in Jesus Christ! Millions of Christians will be disappointed, lose faith or be confused when the real Jesus Christ returns after being deceived into believing He will come secretly to take them away to heaven before the Great Tribulation.

The entire presentations are available… Watch the videos above to hear the answers!


Millions of Christians are waiting to be secretly raptured away to heaven before the second coming of Jesus Christ. They believe they will escape a time of great tribulation that will come upon the Earth shortly before His return.

Millions of people anxiously await an event, they feel, could happen at any moment. We cannot ignore this subject during these prophetic times! What does the Bible say about such teaching?  Does it support it or not?  If not, why not? It is a fundamental question, that begs an answer, not from the theories of men, but from the pages of the Bible.

We are extending an invitation for you to attend a two-part presentation on this most important subject. It will be on Saturday August 12, 2017 beginning at 11:00 A.M. at Trinity Presbyterian Church, 2737 Bayview Avenue, Toronto (1 block south of Hwy. 401 with entrance on Truman Road). The subjects to be covered are: Why hasn’t the Rapture happened yet? and Where is your place of safety? (after the Great Tribulation) The first session starts at 11 A.M. and the second session Where is Your Place of Safety? begins at 2 P.M.

Come and hear Pastors Bill Watson and Adrian Davis answer the important questions on the rapture, that are bound to affect your faith during the end times.

Parking is free and lunch will be provided.

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