“Like Little Children” – The Red Sea Crossing

My name is Little Josh and I just witnessed the most incredible thing.

My family and I had been following Moses out of Egypt; he was trying to save us from Pharaoh’s army. As we were nearing the Red Sea we heard the most terrifying noise. The ground rumbled like it was going to explode. I looked back and saw a stampede of chariots. Pharaoh and his army were coming to destroy us.

Fear struck everyone and we wondered how Moses could save us. Then the most amazing thing happened. Moses stood on the bank of the Red Sea and raised his staff toward heaven. Immediately the wind began to blow and the waves began to roll back until a dry path ran right through the sea! It spooked us at first, but my family and I began to walk down the path. The walls of water towered over my head! I pushed my finger into the wall of water. Amazing! It was water, but it stood straight up!

After crossing the sea I turned and saw the army racing their chariots right toward us. When the last of my family stepped on the shore, we immediately heard a loud roar. We all looked up to see the walls of water caving in on the army. God rescued me and my people from the wicked Pharaoh. We had the biggest celebration you can imagine!!! One thing’s for sure, with the one true God on your side, you don’t have to be afraid.

God can do anything!!!

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