STP - Systematic Theology Project

Systematic Theology Project – The most detailed explaination of our Doctrinal teachings


Topics covered …

1. Primary Doctrines: God, The Father, Bible, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, Mankind, Angelic Realm;
2. Salvation: Salvation, Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Laying on of Hands;
3. Kingdom of God: Kingdom of God, Resurrections, Prophecy, Gospel, Judgment;
4. Law of God: Law of God, Biblical Covenants, Ten Commandments, Sabbath, Annual Holy Days, Tithing and Giving, Biblical Dietary Laws, The Hebrew Calendar, Sin;
5. The Christian: The Christian, The Christian’s Relationship with God, The Christian’s Relationship with Fellow Man, The Christian Family, Healing;
6. The Church of God: The Church of God, Ministry of the Church, Fellowship of the Brethren;
7. Traditional Christian Doctrines: Statements on almost thirty traditional doctrines, such as immortal soul, heaven, hell, trinity, Sunday, Christmas, Easter, rapture, etc., presenting the theological viewpoint of the Church of God International.

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