Tools of Deception

Eph-5:11 (NLT) Take no part in the worthless deeds of evil and darkness; instead, expose them!

Q5 – What are some tactics used by deceivers to trick people?

Summary:  Jesus warned his disciples … Mat 24:4 … “Take heed that no one deceives you.”  This verse makes clear there are deceivers “out there” AND that to guard against deception requires awareness and effort!

Please check out the materials we offer below to help you guard against false teachings and the actions of deceivers.


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Links to Fact pages (wiki) and to others (who have been referenced in CGI Booklets or presentations):

Wikipedia – Deception

Types of Deception include:

  • Lies: making up information or giving information that is the opposite or very different from the truth
  • Equivocations: making an indirect, ambiguous, or contradictory statement
  • Concealments: omitting information that is important or relevant to the given context, or engaging in behavior that helps hide relevant information
  • Exaggerations: overstatement or stretching the truth to a degree
  • Understatements: minimization or downplaying aspects of the truth

Motives for Deception include:

  • Instrumental: to avoid punishment or to protect resources
  • Relational: to maintain relationships or bonds
  • Identity: to preserve “face” or the self-image


Notes from some great CGI sermons (1 page PDF files)


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