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With Pastor Adrian Davis

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Psalms-Pt01(1-2)-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Psalms-Pt02(3-4)-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Psalms-Pt03(5-9)-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Psalms-Pt04(10)-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Psalms-Pt05(11-13)-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Psalms-Pt06(14-17)-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Psalms-Pt07(18)-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Psalms-Pt08(19-21)-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Psalms-Pt09(22-23)-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Psalms-Pt10(24)-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Psalms-Pt11(25)-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Psalms-Pt12(26-30)-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Psalms-Pt13(31-33)-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Psalms-Pt14(34)-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Psalms-Pt15(35-36)-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Psalms-Pt16(37)-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Psalms-Pt17(38-41)-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Psalms-Pt18(42-43)-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Psalms-Pt19(44)-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Psalms-Pt20(45-48)-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Psalms-Pt21(49-50)-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Psalms-Pt22(51)-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Psalms-Pt23(52-54)-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Psalms-Pt24(55-57)-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Psalms-Pt25(56-57)-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Psalms-Pt26(58)-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Psalms-Pt27(59-60)-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Psalms-Pt28(61-62)-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Psalms-Pt29(63-64)-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Psalms-Pt30(65-66)-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Psalms-Pt31(66-67)-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Psalms-Pt32(68)-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)


Isaiah-01-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Isaiah-02-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Isaiah-03-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Isaiah-04-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Isaiah-05-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Isaiah-06-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Isaiah-07-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Isaiah-08-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Isaiah-09-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Isaiah-10-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Isaiah-11-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Isaiah-12-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Isaiah-13-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Isaiah-14-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Isaiah-15-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Isaiah-16-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Isaiah-17-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Isaiah-18-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Isaiah-19-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Isaiah-20-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Isaiah-21-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Isaiah-22-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Isaiah-23-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Isaiah-24-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Isaiah-25-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Isaiah-26-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Isaiah-27-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Isaiah-28-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)


Obadiah-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)




Zephaniah-01-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Zephaniah-02-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Zephaniah-03-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)

42-Luke: The Good News of The Kingdom of God 

Luke-01-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Luke-02-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Luke-03-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Luke-04-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Luke-05-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Luke-06-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Luke-07-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Luke-08-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Luke-09-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Luke-10-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Luke-11-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Luke-12-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Luke-13-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Luke-14-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Luke-15-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Luke-17-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Luke-18-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Luke-19-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Luke-21-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Luke-22-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Luke-23-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Luke-24-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Luke-25-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Luke-26-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Luke-27-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Luke-28-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)

44-Acts of The Holy Spirit

Acts-01-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Acts-02-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Acts-03-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Acts-04-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Acts-05-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Acts-06-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Acts-07-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Acts-08-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Acts-09-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Acts-10-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Acts-11-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Acts-12-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Acts-13-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Acts-14-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Acts-15-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Acts-16-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Acts-17-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Acts-18-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Acts-19-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Acts-20-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Acts-21-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Acts-22-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Acts-23-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)

44-Acts by Vance Stinson

Acts-01-VS.mp4 or (mp3)
Acts-02-VS.mp4 or (mp3)
Acts-03-VS.mp4 or (mp3)
Acts-04-VS.mp4 or (mp3)
Acts-05-VS.mp4 or (mp3)
Acts-06-VS.mp4 or (mp3)
Acts-07-VS.mp4 or (mp3)
Acts-08-VS.mp4 or (mp3)
Acts-09-VS.mp4 or (mp3)
Acts-10-VS.mp4 or (mp3)
Acts-11-VS.mp4 or (mp3)
Acts-12-VS.mp4 or (mp3)
Acts-13-VS.mp4 or (mp3)
Acts-14-VS.mp4 or (mp3)
Acts-15-VS.mp4 or (mp3)
Acts-16-VS.mp4 or (mp3)
Acts-17-VS.mp4 or (mp3)
Acts-18-VS.mp4 or (mp3)
Acts-19-VS.mp4 or (mp3)
Acts-20-VS.mp4 or (mp3)
Acts-21-VS.mp4 or (mp3)
Acts-22-VS.mp4 or (mp3)
Acts-23-VS.mp4 or (mp3)
Acts-24-VS.mp4 or (mp3)
Acts-25-VS.mp4 or (mp3)
Acts-26-VS.mp4 or (mp3)
Acts-27-VS.mp4 or (mp3)

45b-Romans (Bill Watson)

Romans-00-Intro-BillWatson.mp4 or (mp3)
Romans-01-Ch01-BillWatson.mp4 or (mp3)
Romans-02-Ch02-BillWatson.mp4 or (mp3)
Romans-03-Ch03-BillWatson.mp4 or (mp3)
Romans-04-Ch04-BillWatson.mp4 or (mp3)
Romans-05-Ch05-BillWatson.mp4 or (mp3)
Romans-06-Ch06-BillWatson.mp4 or (mp3)
Romans-07-Ch07-BillWatson.mp4 or (mp3)
Romans-08-Ch08a-BillWatson.mp4 or (mp3)
Romans-09-Ch08b-BillWatson.mp4 or (mp3)
Romans-10-Ch08c&Ch09-BillWatson.mp4 or (mp3)
Romans-11-Ch10-BillWatson.mp4 or (mp3)
Romans-12-Ch11-BillWatson.mp4 or (mp3)
Romans-13-Ch12a-BillWatson.mp4 or (mp3)
Romans-14-Ch12b-BillWatson.mp4 or (mp3)
Romans-15-Ch13a-BillWatson.mp4 or (mp3)
Romans-16-Ch13b-BillWatson.mp4 or (mp3)
Romans-17-Ch14-BillWatson.mp4 or (mp3)
Romans-18-Ch15a-BillWatson.mp4 or (mp3)
Romans-19-Ch15b-BillWatson.mp4 or (mp3)
Romans-20-Ch16-BillWatson.mp4 or (mp3)

48-Galatians by Vance Stinson
Cgi2020-VanceStinson-Galatians-Pt1.mp3       MP4
Cgi2020-VanceStinson-Galatians-Pt2.mp3       MP4
Cgi2020-VanceStinson-Galatians-Pt3.mp3       MP4
Cgi2020-VanceStinson-Galatians-Pt4.mp3       MP4

50-Philippians: Blueprint For A Healthy Congregation
Philippians-01-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Philippians-02-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Philippians-03-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Philippians-04-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)

50-Philippians by Wynn Skelton

Philippians-WynnS-1.mp4 or (mp3)
Philippians-WynnS-2.mp4 or (mp3)
Philippians-WynnS-3.mp4 or (mp3)
Philippians-WynnS-4.mp4 or (mp3)
Philippians-WynnS-5.mp4 or (mp3)
Philippians-WynnS-6.mp4 or (mp3)



Hebrews-01-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Hebrews-02-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Hebrews-03-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Hebrews-04-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Hebrews-05-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Hebrews-06-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Hebrews-07-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Hebrews-08-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Hebrews-09-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Hebrews-10-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Hebrews-11-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Hebrews-12-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Hebrews-13-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Hebrews-14-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Hebrews-15-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Hebrews-16-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)

59-James by Vance Stinson

James-Pt1-VanceStinson.mp4 or (mp3)
James-Pt2-VanceStinson.mp4 or (mp3)
.             .(To Be Continued)


Jude-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Jude-BillWatson.mp4 or (mp3)


66-The Book of Revelation

Revelation-01a-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Revelation-01b-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Revelation-02&3-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Revelation-04&5-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Revelation-05b-21-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Revelation-05c-22-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Revelation-06-8-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Revelation-07-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Revelation-08-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Revelation-09-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Revelation-10-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Revelation-11-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Revelation-12-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Revelation-13a-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Revelation-13b-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Revelation-14-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Revelation-15-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Revelation-16-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Revelation-17&18-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Revelation-18-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Revelation-19a-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Revelation-19b-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Revelation-20-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)
Revelation-99-RevelationSummary-AdrianDavis.mp4 or (mp3)

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