Would YOU want to Know the Future?

It is the stuff of Hollywood films to explore ideas such as “the Future”. Movies like Knowing, Minority Report, Next, Back to the Future & Paycheck explore people seeing into the future … where some seek to manipulate time for their profit or benefit & others decide it is better to not see the future.

“If you show someone their future, they have no future. You take away the mystery, you take away hope.”

“The machine predicts a war … and we go to war to avert it.
It predicts a plague … we herd all the sick together, create a plague.
Whatever future this predicts, we make it happen. We give over control of our lives completely.
Seeing the future will destroy us.”

On the other hand…

“Right now my scientific mind is telling me to have nothing more to do with this. And yours should, too!”

Futurists can look at today and make predictions from trends and interpolation
Historians can look to the past to see the repeating patterns of behaviors we can expect to see again.
People of faith have confidence in the Bible to show us history & the nature and tendencies of mankind & up to a third of scripture is prophecy.

** Why does God opt to provide glimpses of the future to mankind & especially to His Covenant people & to His Church? **

Jesus was speaking of spiritual preparedness when He admonished His disciples to watch (for prophecy to unfold). This means simply that we should never assume that we have all the time in the world I between now and the day we meet Jesus Christ.  For more insights, click the articles below:

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