As ‘the Day’ approaches

This society has gone crazy or something…or is it me? Something has gone wrong with this world. Can someone tell me what’s going on?”

Those weren’t my words. They were the concerns of a radio commentator recently when he observed the direction in which our society is heading – increasingly violent crimes, especially against children, economic troubles, drug abuse, divided families, and escalating conflicts among nations. To make matters worse, we’re now in a pandemic.

The commentator was right. Something is wrong; something has gone wrong, but to ask for an answer, and to get the right one, might be a challenge for that commentator. Our brighter minds of the intellectual persuasion can easily concoct hypotheses that seem logical, plausible, and feasible. Often times, they are the farthest from the truth.

For one, our bright minds don’t believe in the divine – the one and only true God YAHWEH, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. This means their answers are expectedly far and nowhere near to what the Word of God tells us. For the most part, God is not on their radar; their carnality means they are hostile to God, and anything that involves the divine realm, results in antagonism to this realism.

The Holy Bible is clear about what will befall humanity in the time leading to the end of the age – a time that will usher in utopia; a time that will bring to an end the reality that man cannot govern himself, and a time that will, once and for all, close the chapter on human misery that led the commentator to make such a soul searching, timely, and significant statement about the condition of our society.

The answers are there for us to see. Every human being has access to them. Many have found the answers they’ve been looking for, others are searching and coming to an understanding, but the vast majority either refuses or has no interest whatsoever in determining such an answer. The truth is God is calling many sons and daughters to an understanding, but very few are responding to his call.

I would want to tell the commentator those conditions in our world, and society for that matter, will not get any better. I would want to tell him that before they get better, they will get worse. Be prepared.

Where are the answers? They are in the pages of a book that has been able withstand the post modern era’s insinuations, attacks, and undermining that it is no more important than any work of fiction, or that it’s simply a collection of literary value, devoid of any divine attributes, guidance or authorship. The answers lie in the pages of the Holy Bible and those who are willing to get answers can find them. As a starter, the 24th chapter of Matthew, the 13th Chapter of Mark and the 21st. chapter of Luke; they  give a clear picture of what will happen as we get nearer to a dreaded period known as The Great Tribulation in bible prophecy.

The answers are there for all to see. Some will believe those precious words, but others will not. That, too, should be expected, as the bible speaks of a time when the unjust will remain unjust, the filthy will remain filthy, the righteous will remain righteous and the holy will remain holy.

While the unconverted may not believe  any of what is stated, or just doesn’t have any interest, to the child of God, it’s a time that must to come t pass because the change from mortal to immortality will not happen before these prophecies are fulfilled. As we see the Day of the Lord approaching, Christians must be vigilant and adhere to the admonition of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ – watch and pray. For more on this subject, download FREE our pamphlet, EVIDENCE OF THE END TIMES.

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