Overton Window

The Overton window is an approach to identifying the “acceptability” of policies & ideas. Politicians or organizations can act ONLY within the “acceptable” range, when trying to implement changes in society.

It is pretty common to hear “old timers” (like me!) marvel at society today.  Things that just seemed to be “common sense” to everybody 10, 20, or 30 years ago … are ridiculed now !?! … AND … you are labeled “Far Right” for thinking this way!

You want to SCREAM – Hold On! I have NOT changed my “Centrist view”! … but society is trying to tell me, that this “long held” view is suddenly (or “today”) an extremist view?!?  How does the Overton window” (of what is “acceptable” & what is now “unacceptable”) get shifted so quickly?  It cannot be easy to shift public opinion so far, so quickly!  How can it happen?

I believe a strong case can be made that key levers of society have been compromised or infiltrated by poison views … taught to the influencers in university, indoctrinating our youth in public school, and supported & reinforced by Big Tech & mass media.

To learn more about how North American society has changed to accept poison ideas … please listen to some powerful messages which have researched and identify the sources of such problems today:

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