Come to the Feast!

Some argue … that since the annual festivals and holy days were designed as celebrations of important events of Israel’s history and as harvest festivals, they are of little or no practical value to New Covenant believers living in the modern world. After all, most of us do not live in agrarian societies, and many of us have no ancestral connections to the peoples of ancient Israel. Why, then, should we observe festivals that pertain to pre-Christian events and to harvesting crops?

The answer is simple.

The annual festivals and holy days pertain to far more than gathering crops and celebrating ancient events. As the apostle Paul says, they are “a shadow of things to come” …

(Colossians 2:17); and as the New Testament plainly reveals, they are connected with the events of Christ’s redemptive work and the plan of God for all mankind.

We (as individuals) cannot control the future, but, there is great comfort in KNOWING what the future holds.  If you want to know what scripture reveals about the future, please click on our Free booklet titled:  Come to the Feast!

And … if you are interested, The Church of God International Canada will be observing the Feast of Tabernacles in Collingwood Ontario in 2022 (October 9-17) … More information is available here:

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