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“Love” is in the air

Smiles return to the face of merchants and retailers every February. Having survived the usual slow month of January, when sales decreased following the Christmas spending spree, February 14, in particular brings a kind of relief to them. It is Valentine’s Day. This...

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Climatic or Prophetic?

Nowadays, there’s a lot of focus on climate change, global warming, or destruction of the environment by our own actions. Our miserably hot, hot, summers and menacingly harsh, harsh, winters have given rise to talk turning into some kind of action. There have been...

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When God does not make sense

One of the questions agnostics and atheist like to pose in their rejection of God is, why does he allow suffering. It is a legitimate question. You read, watch, and hear, of the horror stories of how people suffer on this planet. The gut-wrenching images you see of...

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Do your beliefs matter?

There’s a popular saying, “belief kills and belief cures.” There may be some wisdom in that adage. In other words, either your beliefs could destroy you or they could save you. From a religious perspective, we can find even more relevance and meaning to this proverb....

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Bestselling and hate mongering?

The Holy Bible is the undisputed best-selling book of all times. Even the popular and great books that have topped the best-selling lists for months and years, be they Harry Potter or what have you, have not been able to dethrone the coveted position the Holy Bible...

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Is this your year?

Even before the second hand of our clocks and watches struck midnight on January 1, 2019 the celebrations had already started to usher in a new calendar year. The warming up began the last day of 2018, as revellers, observers, and the laid-back, awaited the start of a...

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