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On the night of April 18, this year, or (Nisan 14), many of God’s people and certainly not the majority, will come together to commemorate what Jesus did nearly two thousand years ago. It was not to celebrate Easter, which came more than a hundred-years later, but...

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Jesus, the Christ, was about to be arrested, tried by a “kangaroo court,” and meet His fate – to die for the sins of all humanity. One would have expected Jesus’ followers would stand by Him during this testing time, but they did not. Mark 14:48, “Am I leading a...

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The Best of Both Worlds?

We are at a juncture in human history when countries war with one another, leaders are at each other’s throats, political scandals, mistrust of those in the seat of power, with pharmaceutical, airline, food, airline companies, security forces, and the list goes on....

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The 157 passengers onboard the Ethiopian Airlines flight 302 that left Addis Ababa, on March 10, were hopeful they would reach their respective destinations. They never reached. Shortly after take-off, the flight with nationals from thirty countries, including Canada,...

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When your winter ends

Old Man Winter is dying. In a few days, it will be spring, the real New Year when everything starts to grow again. Newness is everywhere. "Now the LORD spoke to Moses and Aaron in the land of Egypt, saying, “This month (Abib)shall be your beginning of months; it shall...

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